Lafayette Council on Aging, Inc.
160 Industrial Pkwy, Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 262-5990
Toll Free 1 855 607-5565
“Youth don’t mean a thing, if you don’t have that swing”

The Lafayette Council on Aging, Inc. is a non-profit (IRS 501, c3) organization which operates a broad range of programs, under the provisions of a state charter which was issued in November 1965.

The Lafayette Council on Aging, Inc. acts in an advocacy capacity on behalf of the elderly population of the Parish of Lafayette.

The Mission of the Council is to enhance the well-being of the elderly by providing an expanding and innovative range of services delivered with respect, care and compassion; upholding the dignity and independence of the individual.
The programs of the LCOA are aimed at reaching those most in need of services and who find themselves alone, isolated, lonely and in need. The main goal of the Council is to keep the elderly living at home as long as possible and to enrich the quality of life. For a detailed listing of the programs and services that we provide, click on the "Programs" tab on the left side of the page.                    
LCOA also manages beautiful properties. Please view our housing links to see what each of our properties has to offer.

Housing Management
"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer."
"The open flower symbolizes the beauty of maturity”
“The sunrays stand for hope and meaning in life”
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